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The materials:

We rely on a high cotton content in all of our products. In order for the socks in our MuseARTa and PANTONE collections to be durable and high quality, they must be made from three specific materials: cotton, polyamide and elastane. The manufacturing of all our towels is innovative and high quality, they are made of 100% cotton and are digitally printed to ensure the details of each artistic motif, the colors, the brightness and the shapes.

Where are the socks made?

Our socks are currently made in Turkey and Italy. However, while stocks last, we still offer socks made in India.

Where are the towels made?

The current inventory of our towel collection (tea, guest and beach towels) was manufactured in Egypt and India.

Where are the packaging and boxes made?

The gift boxes and special packaging for Christmas and Easter are made in Germany.