our philosophy

Our aim is to bring art closer to people and integrate it into everyday life. That's why we intentionally produce baby and children's socks, because the love of art can't be awakened soon enough.

The focus is on the joy of art. Of course, we also have to make money, but we don't want to make money at any price and we want everyone involved in the entire production chain, from the knitter at the knitting machine to the saleswoman in the museum shop, to be properly compensated.

It is also important to us that the rights of artists and museums are respected. We have concluded numerous licensing agreements and pay large amounts for them, which benefit artists and museums. This is more important than ever, especially in times of tight public finances.

Last but not least, protecting the environment is important to us. The impact on the environment caused by the mail order business is considerable, especially through returns of carelessly ordered products. That's why we intentionally do not ship free of charge, instead of charging high product prices and factoring in the high handling costs for postage and returns in the price. We would like it best if you buy our products in the museum shop, because then you support the museums even more and help the environment.